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    Welcome to the Tri-County Drift Hoppers

Wed, Apr 21 (8:16 AM)

Our trails are closed for the season. The Club sends out a Very Big Thank You to Everyone that helped and volunteered their time this past season..! We greatly appreciate it. And... Most of all, We Thank All our landowners that our trails cross. With out their generous support, we would not have these great trails to enjoy this winter activity. Thank You.

Sat, Mar 27 (11:54 AM)

Saturday Update . With the recent nice weather, our guys have been out picking up the trail markers and signs. Sign inventory will be taken and any worn and faded signs will be replaced. Sign removal will continue on into next week. A big Thank You goes out to everyone that helps out with the Club, Thank You..!

Maps can be purchased at:

  • Arcade VFW - Main Street, Arcade ..... Trail C3-C
  • Pioneer MotorSports - Rte 16, Chaffee .... Trail C3-A
  • Crabb Oil & Propane - Main Street, Arcade .... Trail C3-C
You are also welcome to attend our monthly meetings at the Arcade VFW Post on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm.