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    Trail Conditions

Sun, Jan 14 (8:31 AM)

Today is our Chicken BBQ..!!

And .... our trails are open..!

Now.... PLEASE ride with caution, go slow and watch out for hazards.

Ride in the the VFW Post for a chicken dinner..!

Sat, Jan 13 (8:10 PM)

Our trails are still closed, but We MAY open our trails in the morning, Sunday 1/14 .

Stay tuned.

Chicken BBQ at the VFW Post tomorrow.

Dinners start around noon.

Tue, Jan 09 (9:42 AM)

Notice : With the expected warm up coming The Tri-County Drift Hoppers Snowmobile Club of Arcade and all neighboring clubs in Wyoming, Catt, And Erie Counties will be closing the trails to hopefully withstand the warm temps.

Trails will be closed 7:00 am Wednesday morning.

Hopefully the trails will with stand the short warm up and as soon as the temps drop we can resume riding.

Make sure to check all of the clubs sites and Facebook pages to keep up to date with all trail conditions.

Our Chicken Bbq this Sunday is still on...!! This event will happen snow, or no snow, trails open, or closed.

Our Bbq will be at the Arcade VFW Post, on Main Street in Arcade NY.

The VFW Post has plenty of room in their dining room to eat inside, but if you are in a rush, our take out booth will be available also for take out dinners.

Mon, Jan 08 (11:53 AM)

This Sunday, January 14th, is the Club's Annual Chicken Bbq..! Arcade VFW Post on Main Street in Arcade NY. Eat in the VFW Post dining room or our drive thru take out booth will be available.

Dinners to start around noon and will go until we are sold out. Our Bbq will happen snow or no snow, regardless of the weather. Please come down and join us..!!

Tue, Jan 02 (11:22 AM)

Happy New Year to all area snowmobilers.! We got the snow, the cold temps, and our trails are in very good condition.

Our groomers have been out working the snow that is on the trails, trying to fill in the low spots and frozen over wet areas, and with this wind blowing more snow on to the trails, and more snow expected, our trails will be in even better shape.

When in Arcade, (and also in Franklinville) do not ride on the side walks.

When out riding the trails, Please stay on the trail, between the stakes and markers. Ride with Caution, and when you are out there.... help the club out, it there is a branch on the trail, Please stop and move it, don't just run over it.

If there is a sign or marker leaning over or in the snow, Please stop and stand it up so others can see it.

Our guys that groom the trails can't see everything, if they drag an ice chunk or that out on to the trail, Please stop and kick it to the side. Every little bit helps keeping the trails safe and in top condition.

Coming up is the Club's annual Chicken barbecue.

This will be on Sunday, January 14th, at the Arcade VFW Post, on Main Street in Arcade.

Trail C-3 C goes to the VFW post.

Dinners will start around noon.

Enjoy the snow.

Ride safe.

Tue, Dec 26 (9:16 AM)

We got the snow, Our Trails are OPEN..!! Our groomers will be going out today, this evening, and thru the week, but expect water and mud in some areas. It wil take a few days to freeze everything up. Please ride with caution..! We had very high winds and some fields have very little snow. When going into the town of Arcade, Do Not ride on the side walks..! Riding on the side walks is not allowed! Have fun, Please ride safe.

Thur, Dec 21 (11:18 AM)

Today is the 1st official day of Winter, but our trails are closed.

Club Meeting tonight. 12/21/2017

We have elections for Officers and Board or Directors.

7:30 pm at the Arcade VFW Post.

Hope to see you there..!!