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Trailwork Log Sheet

    Trail Conditions

Wed, Apr 21 (8:16 AM)

Our trails are closed for the season. The Club sends out a Very Big Thank You to Everyone that helped and volunteered their time this past season..! We greatly appreciate it. And... Most of all, We Thank All our landowners that our trails cross. With out their generous support, we would not have these great trails to enjoy this winter activity. Thank You.

Sat, Mar 27 (11:54 AM)

Saturday Update . With the recent nice weather, our guys have been out picking up the trail markers and signs. Sign inventory will be taken and any worn and faded signs will be replaced. Sign removal will continue on into next week. A big Thank You goes out to everyone that helps out with the Club, Thank You..!

Mon, Mar 22 (7:27 AM)

Club Meeting tomorrow night , Tuesday 3/23/21 at the Arcade VFW Post 7:00 pm . See You there.

Mon, Mar 15 (8:34 AM)

As the weather permits and it starts to warm up, our club guys will be out pulling up the stakes, taking down the signs, and removing the trail markers. Its that time of year.

Fri, Mar 12 (8:39 AM)

3/12/21 Well, it just doesn't look like we will get that one last ride for this season, Our trails are closed for the season. Our club guys will out taking down the trails, removing signs & markers, looking at what needs to be addressed for next season and along with GPSing of the trails for the counties. A big Thanks goes out to all that helped the Club thru out this season, although a short riding season, when we did have the snow, our area had some of the best trails around. Thank You to all that helped made it possible.! And.... Most of all, THANK YOU TO ALL OUR LANDOWNERS..!! Without their permission, we would not have a trail system,

Thank you.

Tue, Mar 02 (10:56 AM)

Currently we need more fresh snow to re open our trails . Trails are still closed. We will post if we get snowfall and conditions improve.

Sat, Feb 27 (7:49 AM)

Trails are currently closed. If we get snow and conditions change, we will post an update .